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Moving Picture-Book Library

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 Animated works are available for flat-rate streaming. 

For learners of Japanese (introductory to beginner level) and children


Useful for listening and reading.

Audio and subtitle switching

will be made multilingual.


Words you do not know

can be understood with pictures.

Easy to keep studying

without getting stuck.


Flat-rate streaming service.

New videos keep coming.


What's New!

2022.4 ... An English version will be available in April!

2022.3 ... We’re going multilingual! A Vietnamese-language version is coming soon!



Audio and subtitle switching, which is useful for
listening and reading, will be made multilingual.

Audio language and subtitles can be switched or turned on and off according to the learner’s preference, which is helpful for shadowing or dictation practice.


Audio language: three types (Japanese, English, none)

Subtitles: four types (mixed kanji-kana, hiragana, English, none)


We plan to add more languages in the future!


Plans & Fees

Student discount:

300 yen

​(330 yen including tax)

Unlimited viewing for one month from the date of purchase​

[Concurrent users of one ID: one person]

(Discount for students of the contracted schools)

Corporate customers:

2,000 yen

​(2,200 yen including tax)

Unlimited viewing for one month from the date of purchase

[Concurrent users of one ID: one person]

(Corporations under contract with "e-TRY" can use the service for 1,500 yen <1,650 yen including tax>)

Public facilities:

50,000 yen

​(55,000 yen including tax)

Unlimited viewing for 12 months from the date of purchase

[Concurrent users of one ID: one person]

*The subscription will be automatically renewed if there is no request to cancel the auto-renewal at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period.

About Vol. 1

ASK Original Series (forty animated works)

The contents are graded to match the Japanese-proficiency level of the learner.

The “Moving Picture-Book Library - Vol. 1, ASK Original Series” is a series of animated works that ASK Visual Contents Division has selected and animated from the “Japanese Graded Readers -Nihongo Yomuyomu Bunko-” series (published by our company) , which was supervised by the NPO TADOKU Supporters. The stories equivalent to the Japanese-Language Proficiency test (JLPT) levels N5 to N4 are animated in Vol. 1. The stories are in Japanese, from introductory to beginner level, so learners can enjoy learning.


List of Works

​The animated works are produced by using texts and narrations from the “Japanese Graded Readers Nihongo Yomuyomu Bunko” series.


About Grading

There are 40 animations in the "Moving Picture-Book Library Vol. 1 ASK Original Series." They are from levels zero, one, and two stories in "Nihongo Yomuyomu Bunko," which are equivalent to the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) levels N4 and N5.

Learners can choose the ones that best suit their level.

Level 0


Vocabulary: 350, Characters: 200-400

Main grammar items: present form, past form, interrogative, ~たい, etc.

Basically, “です” and “ます” endings are used.

Level 1

JLPT N5 or equivalent

Vocabulary: 350, Characters: 400-1500

Main grammar items: present form, past form, interrogative, ~たい, etc.

Basically, “です” and “ます” endings are used.

Level 2

JLPT N4 or equivalent

Vocabulary: 500, Characters: 1500-2500

Main grammar items: dictionary form, て-suffix, ない-suffix, た-suffix, nominal modification, ~と(conditional), ~から(cause), ~なる, ~のだ, etc.


Learner Testimonials


Learner A

I watched “Gon the Fox”. For my N4 level, the level of this animation is just right.


Learner B

It was easy to understand and made studying kanji fun. I use a faster speed.


Learner C

It is fun to read only the sentences without the sounds, or to listen only to the voices without the sentences, because the pictures help me.


About Our Books

"Nihongo Yomuyomu Bunko"

"Japanese Graded Readers -Nihongo Yomuyomu Bunko-" (published by our company) is a series of graded readers for Japanese language leaners, on which the “Moving Picture-Book Library - Vol. 1, ASK Original Series” is based.

The books are graded into five levels, and all kanji characters are with furigana (phonetic characters). You can choose the book that suits your level, and you can enjoy reading it.

The lineup includes popular series such as "Ryo From the Nishimachi Police Box" and "The Kimura Family Day to Day" as well as abridged editions of novels by famous Japanese writers such as Natsume Soseki and Mori Ogai.

〇What is "Tadoku"? ‘Tadoku’ is a method of language acquisition in which you read a lot of easy and preferred books at your own pace.

【The Rules of Tadoku】

  • Start from scratch.

  • Don’t use a dictionary.

  • Skip over difficult words, phrases, and passages.

  • ​When the going gets tough, quit reading and pick up a new book.


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